What if God really cared?

I’ve been thinking a lot of deep thoughts lately. Perhaps I’m trying to figure things out before they happen, or perhaps I’m just worrying about things that haven’t happened…

On sunday the Choir sang this song… I like the version they used below…but I probably prefer the second version below… but there is something beautiful to think about a God who knows your name and cares about every thought. What if God really cares? What if God wants to satisfy me? What if God longs to give me direction and purpose even more than I desire direction and purpose? What if God really enjoys just hanging out and speaking with me? What if God really cares about every tear that falls? What if God loves to bring a smile to my face? What if God really really really delights in making his children happy? What if God really cares about every single detail of my life?

Sigh* how beautiful it would be if He did… And you want to know a secret? I think he does.

Have a splendiferous week 🙂

I couldn’t find the video of the second version, but you can listen to excerpts on Amazon through the link below:

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