Praying for a bigger butt

Allah Forgive us...
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Khalil Shah via Compfight

When I was younger I wanted to be taller. I wanted to be taller because all my brothers were taller, and the magazines told me that I was below average. I prayed a lot that I would grow taller, but in the mean time I wore shorter shirts because the magazines said that exposing your midriff made you appear taller.

These days I’m fine with my height, the only times I wish I was taller is when I think about how much more food I can consume without repercussion (i.e. Obesity) if I was even just one inch taller.

And so our desire for “perfection” continues. We want a bigger butt, we want a larger┬ábosom, or a smaller bosom, we want to be taller or just a bit shorter, we want our hair to be curlier, or straighter, we want to be curvaceous, we want to be thin, we want everything we don’t have, we want and we want and we want…

I’m not saying that having a bigger butt, or a bigger bosom won’t solve all your problems, but will it? If you had that one thing that is bugging you, that one thing that you spend many sleepless hours thinking about, that one thing that you feel your life won’t be complete without, will all your problems be solved?

I know you would like a bigger butt (or whatever else it is), and believe me I wish you would get it too, but in your quest for perfection, I pray you never lose your own unique beauty.

So you think your imperfection is what makes you so lonely? You may be right…or not

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