Does Spending more mean you love your child more?

Spending more: As a new parent, there’s always that dilemma: Does my child need this new toy, or this new outfit, or will she be okay without it? I’m a firm believer in not spending too much or buying too much. I just can’t imagine spending $150 for a pair of shoes that she will grow out of in 2 months… nevertheless people spend even more than that

It leaves me thinking if there were two sets of families making the same amount of money and they have all their basic needs and obligations met, could you measure their love based on how much money was spent?

Or what about the “spending quality time” debate. If two sets of families have equal amounts of money and time would you be able to determine who loves more based on how much time they spend with their kids. What if both families had the opportunity to spend twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with their children, without a loss in income, or any other detriment, and they choose not to, does that mean that they love their children less?

I’m just full of questions and thoughts today I guess. In the end I guess love is a choice, and it’s up to you to choose how to express it, and how to balance what is needed and what is expected.

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