10 Tips for remote working with young school-aged kids (over 4 years old)

Remote working with young school-aged kids – The best thing about this age group is that they are used to schedules and structure, so you as a parent can use that to your advantage.

  • Create a rough schedule for their day, and let them know the plan (breakfast, exercise, reading, play, lunch, play, run around, dinner, play sleep, and snacks in between) – if you have a schedule and they know what to expect, they are less likely to bug you when you need to focus.
  • Add “hands-on” time with them to your work schedule/calendar. Pick a time that works for you, otherwise they will show up wanting one-on-one time in the most inconvenient times.
  • Talk to your kids before important meetings – threaten their lives, or bribe them to let them know they can’t disturb you. Whatever works.
  • Always use headphones – you never know when someone will drop an F-bomb or talk about their risque activities unless you don’t mind your kid talking like a foul-mouthed sailor, because they say everything they hear.
  • You can let the other meeting participants know your kids are around, so they’re not surprised when a random person walks by in the middle of a meeting (My home is kinda like a co-working space *shrug*)

  • Ensure you know where the mute button is – in case your kid doesn’t listen and you need to threaten them quickly while on a call. You can mute quickly, threaten them and then unmute and continue the conversation (it takes practice, but you get it eventually). If it’s a video call, just make sure you keep smiling at the camera while you’re on mute and threatening your kid.
  • Try to schedule important meetings earlier in the day when your kids are most cooperative.
  • Aim to start work a little earlier and keep working a little later (if that’s an option for you) and then do those things that need lots of concentration during those quiet hours at the beginning or tail end of the day.
  • Hide special treats for when nothing else is working, and use only in an emergency… otherwise it loses its powers
  • When all else fails and you’re exhausted, give them the ipad. You’re still a great parent.
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