Your words matter – A Way With Words by Michael Drout

Your words matter

Your words matter.

Many years ago when I told a friend about my love for writing, he introduced me to the series of audio lectures by Michael Drout.

A Way With Words by Michael Drout

I listened to these audiobooks for hours taking copious notes.

I wanted to learn how to write better, how to be more convincing, how to use rhetoric to my advantage. I was fascinated by the amazing speech writers of all time, and was intrigued to know that there was a process and a strategy for getting people to rally around you – just using your words.

It’s been quite a few years since I picked up that book, but I’m picking it back up because these days I’m realizing more and more that our words matter. And yes it’s good to be authentic with your words, but it’s even better to structure your authenticity in a way that resonates with others.

Because even when you lose your confidence, and think you don’t have much to say, you have to remember that your words matter.

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