Top Resources for online learning and working

I wrote about these online learning and working resources some time ago, but with everything going on, I think it would be useful as we try to navigate working or schooling from home during the Coronavirus scare.

Educational resources for online learning

10 Places you can learn online

In this post I included websites that can teach you soft skills as well as hard skills. If you want to learn to code, or you just want to learn about business, then click this link and start learning online for FREE today

Places your kids can learn online for free

Here I realized that I needed to share resources for parents as well. Because you may need to find ways to teach your kids and keep them busy. Click here to get resources for helping your kids learn today.

Amazing Websites I love

Here’s a list of amazing websites that I keep visiting because I’m always inspired. I included websites for designing or with free tutorials, as well as websites that talk about God. Click here to get inspired.

Fantastic Websites to help you build your business

I wrote this list to share as a resource for those looking to build a business. There is nothing new under the sun, so instead of trying to figure it all out – you can click here and learn from their mistakes

Affiliate Management Resources

One of the best ways to earn an income online is to become an Affiliate Manager, here is a resource to teach all you need to know about becoming an Affiliate Manager.

Tools and groups for working online

These are some of the tools that will help you be productive while working online.

  1. Zoom – for video communication
  2. Slack – Communicating with your team
  3. Trello – Planning your projects

Slack groups you should probably consider joining as someone working remotely

  1. We Work Remotely
  2. Work From
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