I’ve tasted Manna before – Beginner’s Bible

The other day while I was driving my daughter to school she randomly blurt out “I’ve tasted Manna before. It tastes like honey.” I just smiled and said okay honey.

A few years ago my husband and I decided that we wanted our daughter to learn as much about the Bible as possible. – it had become a source of encouragement for us, and it was the foundation of our lives. So off I went to the bookstore looking for a Bible that would work for her.

I immediately fell in love with The Beginner’s Bible.

I liked that the Bible stories were a good length for a toddler, so we could cover at least one story every day. We also got the iPad app which helped her to feel independent because she could essentially read the Bible on her own. The app also came with games that she could play, but I always insisted that she read the Bible before playing with the game.

I also got the ebook for when we would travel, and I wasn’t ready to carry several big books with me.

So on that day when my daughter informed me that she had tasted Manna before, I was really pleased because it meant she had begun internalizing the stories. I too felt like I had tasted manna.

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