Breakups: Time doesn’t make things better

Time doesn’t heal all wounds.

Wounds That Never Heal
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I used to think that time made things better, that in time I would forget the pain of past breakups, and forget the life trajectory that seemed to have been unexpectedly lost forever, so I waited for time to pass…

until one day I found out that I wasn’t invited to a roommates graduation because my ex was engaged to her best friend…and I found myself crying uncontrollably at Bible study…yeah time had gone by, and I had temporarily forgotten how much it hurt, but when the pain returned, it returned with a vengeance…

Time doesn’t heal wounds, it only places layers of temporary amnesia on your wounds…but when you get just the right amount of pressure the giant monster that was sleeping below the surface arises…and boy will it be a giant…

The good news is that although time doesn’t make it better there is something that  can make it better…

God can make it better…only God can. See although many people have felt heartbreak, no one can truly understand the depths of your despair like God can. No one is better at seeing how you messed up, and still embracing you and letting you know how much you’re loved. No one can talk to you 24/7 about the pain in your heart and give you the perfect advice for the exact situation you’re in.

Won’t you let God show you how much he loves you? I promise he will never say “I told you so.”


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