Books for Brown kids – The Word Collector

The Word Collector

The Word Collector – Soooo it’s the season of spending lots of time with family – because you know, schools are closed, and everyone is working from home.

One of the great things about this time together is being able to read some of the most amazing books about kids with brown skin like my little one.

I got The Word Collector by Paul Reynolds and I instantly fell in love with the main character – Jerome. Click here to check it out.

I loved that this was a book about a regular kid that is just curious about the world. He wasn’t dealing with any struggles or challenges, he was instead enjoying his life as a kid – completely carefree.

And trust me when I say I need as many books as possible that focus just on enjoying a carefree childhood.

Whenever my little one reads this book (or we read it together), she learns new words and she is fascinated by all the interesting words. And the other day she was even thinking about starting a rock collection *shrug*.

If you’re trying to reduce screen time and are looking for books that will encourage your child to be fascinated by new words, then definitely check out The Word Collector Book

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